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2015-2022 | 2023e-2024e (LatAm average)
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Chargebacks %
In this edition the classification criteria has been improved and corresponds to chargebacks from cardholders who have contacted their bank directly to notify that they do not recognize a charge made to their credit or debit card by the business and the issuing bank. The cardholder has actually sent the chargeback request to the merchant's bank.

Declined orders %
Including declines caused by fraud risk, high-risk transactions, credit limits and operational problems. Domestic and non-domestic average.  

eCommerce orders approval rate % 
Brazil, Mexico and Argentina data updated using card not present measurement criteria

Suspicious accounts %
Free trials accounts included

Fraud operational cost % 
Estimated as the sum of costs related to replacement goods, shipping/return costs, insurance, manual order review costs, chargebacks, and expenses related to online fraud detection and mitigation processes.

False declines cost % 
Estimated as the loss of sales as a consequence of rejecting operations that should have been accepted.