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Insurance Market in Costa Rica - Market size, industry segments, rankings and forecast scenarios

Market size forecast 2025f (1: most likely, 2: optimistic, 3: pessimistic)
Total of all projected lines of business, COL$ mill
Insurance market in Costa Rica forecast market size 2025f
Direct Premiums market share performance overview - Life and non-Life - (2022.12 vs 2021.12) - Major players
Insurance market in Costa Rica Forecast 2025 ranking
Market size performance (Direct Premiums, COL$) - 2019-2022 YoY%
Insurance market in Costa Rica performance YoY
Market segmentation, Life (2022.12)
1:Personal accidents 2: Health 3: SRT 4: Life
 Insurance market in Costa Rica, segments, Life
Market segmentation, non-Life (2022.12)
1: Motor 2: Fire 3: SOA 4: Losses 5: Other non-life
  Insurance Market in Costa Rica, segments, non-life
Financial statements and Superintendencia General de Seguros de Costa Rica