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Insurance AI and Innovative Tech USA 2020, Chicago

It is more important than ever for carriers to meet business objectives and customer satisfaction at scale. How companies react to competition, rising customer expectations and operational efficiency requirements will decide their future.

The acceleration of technology impact has created unlimited potential. It is clear that AI, machine learning and other innovative technologies are the only tools to achieve growth, efficient and seamless operations, and remain relevant trusted brands.

This is why Insurance AI and Innovative Tech USA 2020 is bringing together over 500 senior innovation and business unit executives to uncover the rewards of embedding technologies such as AI, IoT, blockchain and automation into their working processes and operations. Nowhere else will you find strategies to create valuable, relevant insurance products and services and seamless experiences through the power of tech-enhanced operations.

Don’t be mistaken, these are not buzz words, this is the future.

40+ CEOs, Analytics, Technology, Innovation and Digital thought-leaders take the stage:

Insurance AI and Innovative Tech USA 2020 brings together the leading minds on the cutting edge of innovation, with a speaker line-up dedicated to innovation, technology and strategic leadership.

To achieve growth and efficient operations carriers must integrate innovative tech across their organization. From accelerating underwriting, boosting customer acquisition, to seamless claims, analytics and technology will be the competitive advantage that sets the top apart.

Join over 500+ senior level executives as they come together to address core challenges, understand the latest technologies that are transforming the industry across all business lines, meet and form partnerships with new and existing suppliers and hear from the world’s foremost technology experts and innovators in insurance.