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Lending Market in Ecuador - 2023.06 Ranking

Total outstanding receivables in Ecuador
Highest quarterly market share growth ranking

   The lending market in Ecuador showed a positive performance in the second quarter of 2023, according to the latest report from the Superintendency of Banks. The total volume of credit granted by the financial system reached USD 40.361 million, an increase of 2.46% compared to the previous quarter.

The main driver of this growth was the real estate credit segment, which expanded by 5.23% and reached USD 2,581 million. The consumer credit segment also registered a significant increase of 3.48%, reaching USD 16.131 million. The commercial credit segment, which represents the largest share of the loan market, grew by 1.46% and reached USD 18.088 million. The microcredit segment, which supports small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurs, increased by 1.54% and reached USD 3.284 million. The only segment that experienced a decrease was the educational credit segment, which fell by 4.43% and reached USD 276 million. 
Among the banking entities, Banco del Pacifico was the one that achieved the highest growth in its market share in both commercial and real estate loans, with increases of 0.15% and 2.23%, respectively. Produbanco was the leader in market share growth in the consumer loans market, with an increase of 0.31% in its market share. And Banco de Guayaquil was the winner in microcredits, with an increase of 0.21% in its market share.

Our latest market research report also revealed the ranking of the five banks with the highest growth in their total market share in 2023.Q2, which are: Pacifico (+0.25%), Produbanco (+0.09%), Banco Internacional (+0.04%), Pichincha (+0.03%) and Banco Diners (+0.02%).