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Insurance Market in Brazil - 2022.12 Rankings

Top 10 Insurance Companies in Brazil - Performance Overview - Direct Written Premiums (Life and non-Life, exc VGBL, Health and Dental Plans)
insurance market in Brazil rankings 2022
The insurance market in Brazil is the most important in Latin America and has experienced constant growth in recent years. In this context, the top five insurers in Brazil in terms of market share in general and life insurance (without considering VGBL products) at the end of 2022 are Brasilseg, Porto Seguro, Bradesco, Tokio Marine and Mapfre Seguros. 

Brasilseg (BB Seguros / Banco do Brasil) leads the market with a share of 8.3%. This company has managed to maintain its position in the market due to its wide range of insurance products and services and an excellent marketing strategy and alliances with other insurance groups.
In second place, we find Porto Seguro, with a share of 7.9%. This insurer has earned a good reputation thanks to its focus on innovation and excellence in customer service. Porto Seguro has managed to consolidate its competitiveness in an increasingly demanding market, offering a wide range of insurance products and services.
Bradesco Vida is in third place in the ranking, with a 6.2% share. This insured has managed to maintain its position in the market thanks to its solid reputation and the quality of its products. The company has invested in technology and in the training of its personnel to improve the efficiency and quality of customer service.
In fourth place, we find Tokio Marine, with a 6.1% share. This insured is known for its extensive experience in specific and tailored coverage through its focus on innovation and quality of service.

In fifth place we find Mapfre (non-Life business), with a share of 5.4%. Mapfre has consolidated a key role in the Brazilian insurance market through a series of important strategic agreements with other major players in the sector, offering a varied and complete range of coverage.
Below we share the downloads corresponding to the end of December 2022 for the Brazilian insurance market. To analyze the historical evolution of the market shares of 160 insurers from 2011 to 2022, you can download the Excel database. You can also download the presentation with the summary of the main indicators and trends (in PowerPoint/PDF format).