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Insurance Brokers in Colombia - 2023.06 Rankings

Insurance premium intermediation in Colombia (Brokers)
Insurance premium intermediation in Colombia (Brokers)
According to information available as of the end of June 2023, the income generated from broker premium intermediation in Colombia amounted to COP$ 651.5 billion, reflecting a nominal interannual variation of 28.1%.
When comparing the market shares as of June 2023 to those of June 2022, the ranking of brokers experiencing the most significant growth is led by ARTHUR J GALLAGHER, boasting an increase of +2.54% market share points. Following closely are AON with +1.81% and WILLIS TOWER WATSON with +1.21%, securing the second and third positions, respectively. ATLANTIC LATAM and JARGU round out the top five market winners, achieving growth of +0.7% and +0.38% points, respectively.
Conversely, concerning business volume, DELIMA MARSH / CARPENTER maintains its top position, trailed by AON, WTW, ARTHUR GALLAGHER, and CORRECOL. Collectively, these five major brokers accounted for 78.2% of intermediation income as of June 2023.
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