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E-Commerce Credit and Debit Card transactions in Mexico - 2023.12 Rankings

In the fourth quarter of 2023, e-commerce transactions in Mexico saw significant activity with both credit and debit cards. The data reveals noteworthy trends and insights into consumer behavior and transaction dynamics.

For credit card transactions, the total value of purchase requests reached MX$183.673 million. Of these, MX$120.598 million were authorized, resulting in an authorization rate of 66%. Notably, the amount associated with chargebacks was MX$525 million, representing 0.4% of the total transactions.
In terms of the number of transactions, there were 131 million purchase requests, with 90,8 million authorized, yielding an authorization rate of 69%. The total number of chargebacks amounted to 406,010 transactions, maintaining a chargeback rate of 0.4%.
The average value per purchase request was MX$1,402, while the average value for authorized purchases was slightly lower at MX$1,328. Chargebacks averaged MX$1,292 per transaction.
Debit card transactions also exhibited substantial activity. The total value of purchase requests for debit cards was MX$ 172.809 million, with MX$111.575 million authorized, translating to a 65% authorization rate.
Chargebacks for debit card transactions were valued at MX$ 348 million, constituting 0.3% of the total transactions. The total number of purchase requests was 308,4 million, with 208,1 million transactions authorized, resulting in a 67% authorization rate. 
The number of chargebacks totaled 819,721 transactions, which also corresponded to a 0.4% chargeback rate. The average value per purchase request for debit cards was MX$ 560, with authorized purchases averaging MX$ 536. Chargebacks for debit card transactions had a lower average value of MX$425.
In terms of issuers, several saw notable growth in their market share for transaction volume, combining both credit and debit card transactions. BBVA / Bancomer led the growth with a +4.15 increase in market share. Other issuers that experienced significant growth included Banco Azteca with a 0.26 market share points gain, Invex with +0.11, Inbursa with +0.10, and Bancoppel with a +0.06 increase in market share.