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Credit and Debit Cards Market in Bolivia - 2023.12 Rankings

Credit Card outstanding receivables in Bolivia


At the end of Q4.2023, the Bolivian market has 6.7 million debit cards and 187 thousand credit cards. Concurrently, the total number of bank customers has increased by 5% to exceed 15 million customers in the local system, of which 1.9 million have some type of active loan.

The ranking of credit card issuers with the greatest increase in their market share considering their total portfolio shows Banco Económico in the first place with an advance of +3.8 market share points. They are followed by Banco Ganadero S.A. (+3.65), Banco Nacional de Bolivia S.A. (+3.2), Banco Bisa S.A. (+2.9), and BCP Banco de Crédito de Bolivia S.A. (+1.96).

In terms of commissions for debit cards, Banco Unión S.A. leads with 34% of the business, while in commissions for credit cards, Banco Económico occupies the first place with 23%.

In credit lines for credit cards, Banco Nacional de Bolivia S.A. is the leader with 19.4% market share, while in the total portfolio of credit card receivables, Banco Económico maintains the top of the ranking with 18.3%.

The amount of transactions at POS terminals with cards (debit and credit) reached BO$ 24.955 million at the end of December 2023 (+47% YoY vs 2022). In terms of the number of transactions, the year-on-year variation has been +11.2%, totaling 92.5 million transactions.

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