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Consumer and Personal Loans in Brazil - 2023.09 Rankings

Consumer credit outstanding receivables
The Brazilian consumer credit portfolio soared to R$ 3.53 trillion as of September 2023, marking a notable year-on-year nominal increase of 11%. Analyzing the behavior across different loan types reveals the following trends: With a 9.5% uptick, loans for vehicles remain a popular choice among consumers, reflecting sustained demand in the automotive sector. Personal loans witnessed a respectable growth rate of 5.8%, indicative of continued reliance on financial assistance for individual needs.

The home loan sector experienced substantial growth, registering a notable 12.3% increase. The credit card segment saw a commendable growth rate of 10.3%, showcasing the enduring appeal of credit card usage among Brazilians for their daily transactions. With a 9% increase, consigned loans maintained their popularity, offering a reliable borrowing option. And rural loans demonstrated remarkable growth, surging by 18.8%, while the miscellaneous loan category witnessed an 8.9% increase on average. 

Market share growth rankings

Leading the pack with a market share growth of 0.16, Banco do Brasil reaffirms its position as a key player in Brazil's banking sector. Not far behind, Nubank secures a significant growth rate of 0.13, consolidating its position as a formidable challenger in the market. Will bank with a growth rate of 0.08, demonstrates its rising prominence in the Brazilian banking scene. Maintaining momentum with a growth rate of +0.07, C6 Bank solidifies its foothold in the competitive landscape. And rounding up the top five ranking list, Agibank secures a growth rate of +0.04, indicating steady progress in expanding its market presence.

In terms of loan portfolio volume, notable players emerge across different sectors:

Vehicle Loans: 
Santander Brasil leads the pack with a commanding 21.5% share, followed by Votorantim (banco BV) at 14.9% and Banco Bradesco at 11.9%.

Credit Cards Loans: 
Itaú Unibanco dominates the sector with a substantial 25.1% share, trailed by Banco Bradesco at 13.4% and Nubank at 11.1%.

Home Loans: 
CAIXA emerges as the leader in this segment with an impressive 67.3% share, followed by Itaú Unibanco at 11.1% and Banco Bradesco at 8.2%.

These rankings underscore the dynamic nature of Brazil's consumer lending landscape, with established institutions and innovative challengers vying for market share across diverse loan categories. 
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