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Consumer and commercial lending market in El Salvador - 2023.12 Rankings

Consumer and commercial loans
The consumer and commercial credit market in El Salvador witnessed a year-on-year surge of 3.8% in the total portfolio, reaching USD 16.190 million by the end of Q4 2023. Consumer financing experienced an annual growth of 6.8%, reaching USD 5.438 million, while commercial financing saw a similar pace with a 6.4% annual increase, concluding the year with USD 2.355 million in outstanding credits. In contrast, the housing portfolio exhibited a more modest growth of 3.4% year-on-year, totaling USD 2.744 million. Other types of placements faced annual declines, such as industrial credits (-4%), construction financings (-2.1%), and transportation credit lines (-9.3%).

The market share growth ranking (considering the average across all types of financings) positioned BAC at the forefront by the end of 2023, advancing by 0.52 percentage points. Following closely were BANCO INDUSTRIAL (+0.45%) and BANCO ATLANTIDA (+0.32%). Concurrently, BANCO PROMERICA (+0.18%) and BFA (+0.07%) rounded out the top five banks leading in this indicator.

In terms of the market share of total outstanding credits at the annual close, BANCO AGRICOLA secured the top position with a commanding 24.8%. Subsequently, BANCO CUSCATLAN claimed a 17.9% share, with BAC following closely at 15.3%. BANCO DAVIVIENDA and BANCO HIPOTECARIO completed the top five banks in placement volume, holding 14.4% and 6.6%, respectively. Consequently, these five competitors commandeer a substantial 78.9% of the local market, leaving the remaining share distributed among the other seven banking entities.
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