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Consumer and Commercial Lending in El Salvador - 2023.06 Rankings

Consumer and Commercial credit granted in El Salvador
Consumer and Commercial credit granted in El Salvador Ranking
A detailed examination of the Year-on-Year data for new loans granted provides valuable insights into the evolving financial landscape of El Salvador. BANCO CUSCATLAN stands out with an impressive 5.0% market share growth, underscoring its proactive approach in expanding its loan portfolio and achieving a commanding 19.6% market share in new credit granted. BANCO DE AMERICA CENTRAL (BAC) closely follows suit with a notable 4.6% increase in market share. Notably, BANCO ATLANTIDA and BANCO AZUL have also made substantial progress, both registering market share growth of 4.2% and 2.5%, respectively. BANCO PROMERICA, with a commendable 1.3% market share growth, also secures a position in the top five ranking.

On the other hand, when considering the total credit outstandings portfolio, BANCO AGRICOLA continues to maintain its dominant position as the leading player in El Salvador's credit market, boasting a substantial market share of 24.9%. BANCO CUSCATLAN has secured an 18.0% market share, demonstrating its steady presence as a formidable competitor. Additionally, BAC and BANCO DAVIVIENDA hold significant shares of 15.2% and 14.7%, respectively, reaffirming their status as major players in the market. BANCO HIPOTECARIO, with a 6.7% market share, also emerges as a noteworthy contributor to the country's credit market.