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Consumer and Commercial credit delinquency in Argentina - 2023.09 Rankings

Consumer non-delinquent credit portfolio growth ranking
Consumer and mortgages non-delinquent credit portfolio
Commercial non-delinquent credit portfolio growth ranking
Commercial non-delinquent credit portfolio
Closing figures for the third quarter of 2023 shed light on the state of credit delinquency and portfolio quality in Argentina. Portfolio performance remained mostly stable compared to the same period in the prior quarter for most products. With a total financing granted of AR$ 18.6 trillion and a significant 27% quarterly nominal variation, the sector reveals a complex dynamic.

The portfolio distribution unveils a dominance of consumer credits, comprising 40% of the total, closely trailed by commercial portfolio at 37.1%, and retail commercial portfolio at 22.9%.

Delving into the quality of the portfolio, distinct percentages across risk levels emerge. In the commercial portfolio, 95.9% is in a normal or no-risk situation, with a 0.7% categorized as low-risk, 0.4% as medium-risk, 0.3% as high-risk and a 2.8% labeled as unrecoverable.

Similarly, in the retail commercial portfolio, a 97.9% is classified as normal and for the consumer portfolio, 95.2% is in a normal state, with a distribution of 1.7%, 1.1%, 1.3%, and 0.6% across low, medium, high risk, and unrecoverable categories, respectively.

Competitor rankings spotlight institutions with notable quarterly increments in delinquency-free consumer and housing portfolios. MERCEDES BENZ FINANCIAL SERVICES leads with 20.4% growth, followed by BANCO MARIVA (+7.1%), BANCO SUCREDITO (+4.1%), BANCO DE SERVICIOS FINANCIEROS (+2.2%), and BANCO DEL SOL (+1.9%).

In the commercial sector, BANCO DE CORRIENTES takes the lead with a 1.7% increase, trailed by BANCO PROVINCIA (+1.1%), BANCO CIUDAD (+0.6%), BANCO MERIDIAN (0.5%), and TOYOTA COMPAÑÍA FINANCIERA (0.5%).

Examining the market share, BANCO NACION commands 18.5% in total commercial portfolio, followed by BANCO GALICIA (9.5%) and BANCO SANTANDER (9.2%), with other competitors constituting 62.8%.
In the consumer and mortgages portfolio, BANCO NACION also leads with a 18.2% market share, followed by BANCO SANTANDER and BANCO GALICIA with 11.3% and 11% market share respectively. 

In the retail commercial portfolio, BANCO PROVINCIA leads with 18.2% market share, followed by BANCO NACION (17.1%) and BANCO GALICIA (14%), and other competitors accounting for 50.6%.

The assessment of credit quality by segment reveals strong figures. In the commercial sector, public banks boast a 87.6% portfolio without delinquency , private banks secure 99.4%, local capital financial companies exhibit 93.2%, and foreign capital financial companies present 97.0%. Meanwhile, in the consumer portfolio, public banks maintain 95.1% credit without delinquency risk, private banks hold 95.5%, national capital financial companies show 84.7%, and foreign capital financial companies shine with 98.0%.

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