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Commissions to Insurance Sales Channels in Panama - 2023.12 Rankings

Commissions to Insurance Agents market share growth ranking
Commissions to Insurance Brokers market share growth ranking

The landscape of insurance sales in Panama witnessed significant growth in commissions to Agents and Brokers, reaching a noteworthy USD 156.7 million by the close of December 2023, marking a substantial 14.2% nominal annual increase.

Analysis of commission distribution by coverage type reveals a diverse allocation among Agents and Brokers:
Automobile: 33%
Health: 24%
Individual Life: 15%
Fire: 9%
Bonds: 4%
Others: 15%

In terms of market share growth, several insurers stand out in both the Agent and Broker categories:

Among Agents:
1. MAPFRE PANAMA (+1.05)
2. Seguros SURA (+0.76)
3. Pan-American Life Insurance Group (+0.54)
4. Acerta Seguros S.A. (+0.25)
5. SegurosFEDPA (+0.24)

Among Brokers:
1. Pan-American Life Insurance Group (+1.26)
2. La Regional de Seguros (+1.22)
3. Interamericana de Fianzas y Seguros (+0.48)
4. Acerta Seguros S.A. (+0.41)
5. Seguros SURA (+0.32)

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