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Banking in Spain - 2023.12 Rankings

Total Assets growth ranking 
The banking sector in Spain closed December 2023 with its assets reaching USD 1946 billion, reflecting a notable 2.6% annual growth. Moreover, the aggregated final result of the 47 analyzed entities surged by an impressive 15.4% compared to the 2022 closure, soaring to USD 19.2 billion.
Among the banks exhibiting remarkable growth in assets, BBVA stands out prominently, boasting an increase of +37.4 billion. Following closely behind is Santander, with a substantial growth of +11.7 billion, while Santander Consumer Finance Spain and Bankinter also demonstrated significant increases of +11.3 billion and +5 billion, respectively. Openbank rounds up the list with a commendable growth of +3.1 billion.
In terms of deposits, Bankinter emerges as a frontrunner with a remarkable increase of +6.6 billion, closely followed by Openbank, which saw its deposits surge by +2.8 billion. Santander Consumer Finance Spain and MyInvestor also recorded substantial growth in deposits, with increases of +2.5 billion and +1.3 billion, respectively. BBVA completes the top performers with a noteworthy increase of +1.1 billion in deposits.
When analyzing the banks with the most significant growth in final results, Santander leads the pack with a notable increase of +1.4 billion. Banco Sabadell follows with a respectable growth of +0.4 billion, trailed closely by Bankinter with an increase of +0.3 billion. Banca March and Openbank complete the list with increases of +0.2 billion and +0.12 billion, respectively.
The data showcases a robust performance by various banks within the Spanish banking sector, with significant growth in assets, deposits, and final results. These figures underscore the resilience and adaptability of the banking industry in Spain amidst evolving economic landscapes and regulatory environments. Such growth not only indicates financial stability but also suggests promising prospects for continued expansion and innovation within the sector in the foreseeable future.
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