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Banking in Honduras - 2023.12 Rankings

Final result growth ranking
In the dynamic landscape of Honduras' banking sector, the latest rankings for the period of December 2023 reveal notable advancements and shifts among key players. According to the latest data, the commercial banking sector demonstrated robust performance, with a notable uptick in key indicators compared to the previous year.
The final result for the sector stood at USD 368 million, marking a 2% increase from the preceding year. Total assets within the sector surged to USD 39.241 million, reflecting a substantial 14% annual growth. Similarly, the volume of credits extended by these institutions witnessed a noteworthy 18% annual increase, reaching USD 24.183 million. Moreover, deposits swelled to USD 24.200 million, showcasing a healthy 12% growth rate. In tandem, the sector's capital base strengthened to USD 2.611 million, registering a respectable 9% rise.
In terms of individual bank performances, several institutions emerged as frontrunners in enhancing their final results. Banco de Occidente S.A. secured the top position in this regard, with a remarkable increase of USD 28.7 million. Following closely behind was BAC, with a notable uptick of USD 10 million, trailed by Davivienda Honduras and Citi, which recorded increases of USD 6.1 million and USD 2.5 million, respectively. Even a marginal improvement of USD 0.1 million by Banco Ficensa underscores the overall positive trend in the sector.
Furthermore, the rankings based on market share by total assets shed light on the dominance and competitiveness within the industry. Grupo Ficohsa leads the pack with a commanding 20% share, closely trailed by Banco Atlántida at 18%. BAC secures a significant 15.3% share, while Banco de Occidente S.A. and Banpaís maintain notable positions with shares of 14.9% and 11.6%, respectively.
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