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Bank customers in Uruguay - 2023.06 Rankings

Number of clients of banking entities in Uruguay
Ranking of highest year-on-year growth in market share
Cantidad de clientes de entidades bancarias en Uruguay Ranking de mayor crecimiento interanual de cuota de mercado
At the end of June 2023, Uruguayan banking entities have a total of 3.3 million customers, which implies a year-on-year growth of 5.4%. Regarding the total volume of deposits measured in Uruguayan Pesos, considering both placements in local currency and in foreign currency, in the same period there was a contraction of 4%, with a total of UY$1,548 billion.

Loans from non-resident clients currently represent 8.4% of the system's total, a significant proportion considering it is a segment of only 61,000 clients.
And 84% of the placements are located in the range of up to 30 days, 9% up to 365 days and the remaining 7% for longer terms. Likewise, as of June 2023, 73% of the volume measured in Pesos corresponds to placements in foreign currency, which implies a drop of 3% compared to the 76% that it represented in June 2022.
In terms of the number of active clients, the three leading entities (BANCO REPUBLICA, BANCO ITAU URUGUAY and BANCO SANTANDER URUGUAY) account for 79% of the total. In the last quarter, BANCO ITAU has been the entity with the highest market share capture, with a 0.22% net growth to reach 13.4% by June 2023. It is followed in the market share growth ranking (of both resident and non-resident clients) by SANTANDER, BANCO REPUBLICA, BANCO NACION ARGENTINA and BANCO HERITAGE.
On the other hand, the five largest banks dominate 91% of deposits value considering the set of all currencies and terms. The pack is led by BANCO REPUBLICA, followed by BANCO SANTANDER and BANCO ITAU URUGUAY. BBVA URUGUAY and SCOTIABANK URUGUAY complete the top 5.