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Analyzing Key Financial Metrics in Peru's Banking Sector - 2024.03 Rankings

The banking market in Peru has exhibited various changes in its key financial metrics between March 2023 and March 2024. The total assets for the period ending March 2024 stood at 141296 million USD, an increase from 135510 million USD in March 2023. The credit portfolio, however, experienced a slight decrease from 87675 million USD in March 2023 to 86935 million USD in March 2024.

Deposits within the banking sector grew from 87199 million USD in March 2023 to 91435 million USD by March 2024. This growth is reflected in the sector's income, which increased from 2,901.85 million USD to 3,191.33 million USD over the same period. The net equity of the banks also saw an improvement, rising from 16157 million USD in March 2023 to 17002 million USD in March 2024.

However, the results before taxes indicate a decline, dropping from 952.8 million USD in March 2023 to 775.4 million USD in March 2024. This decrease is highlighted by an 18.6% reduction in the pre-tax results.

When analyzing the year-on-year percentage changes, the total assets of the banking sector increased by 4.3%. The credit portfolio saw a decline of 0.8%. Deposits increased by 4.9%, and incomes saw a notable rise of 10%. The net equity showed a growth of 5.2%. The results before taxes experienced a significant decline of 18.6%.

In terms of market share growth in assets, the leading banks include Banco BBVA Perú, Interbank, Banco Interamericano de Finanzas, Banco BCI Perú, and Banco GNB. Regarding the highest final results obtained, Banco de Crédito del Perú, Banco BBVA Perú, Scotiabank Perú, Interbank, and Citibank emerged as leaders.
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